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Mahrs Brau, Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany

Founded in 1670 and run by the Michel family since 1883 this small brewery vies for the coveted award of best brewery in Bamberg; arguably Germany's greatest beer town. The pub attached to the brewery tap must be one of the great places in the world to enjoy a beer; lots of frauliens in traditional Bavarian outfits serving large steins of beer to locals in a lovely wood panelled room. There's a nice beer garden outside too! All the beers are batch brewed and unpasteurised, using hops, barley and wheat from local farmers. The beers of course conform to the German Reinheitsgebot (purity laws).

Mahrs Brau 'aU' Unfiltered Lager, 330ml & 30l kegs
Mahrs Brau Pilsner Lager, 330ml & 30l kegs
Mahrs Brau Helles, 330ml & 30l kegs


Kernel Brewery, Bermondsey, London, England 

Evin O’Riordain has been the trailblazer at the forefront of London’s burgeoning brewing scene. Setting up in 2009 in a railway arch in Bermondsey over the following years he has created some iconic beers mainly focusing on using the freshest of New World hops. India Pale Ale, London 1890 Export Stout and the lower alcohol Table Beer are all cult beers. They have set the benchmark for other breweries to follow. Biercraft is delighted to be able to represent such a great brewery.

Table Beer, 330ml
Pale Ale, 330ml
India Pale Ale, 330ml
Export India Porter, 330ml
Export Stout London 1890, 330ml

Rotating offering of Biere de Saison and London Sour 330ml & 750ml

Burning Sky Brewery, Sussex, England

Hard to put it better than the words of Mark Tranter from the Burning Sky website:
“Here, nestled at the base of the South Downs in an old Sussex Barn that has been refurbished to a high standard, we can let our imaginations run wild. The landscape and provenance of our location was a major factor in the brewery’s set up.The crux of the brewery is to brew the beers that excite us, without compromise in terms of ingredient costs and time ‒ that all too often overlooked ingredient in beer. Whether it’s a fresh hoppy pale, or an oak aged beer ‒ they are all considered and cared for beers that we want to drink. We have started work on an extensive ageing program ‒ not tempted by short cuts, we are far more interested in tradition and the slow-working yeasts that bring complexities and depths of flavour to the beers. It is not envisaged that the full extent of Burning Sky will be apparent for another 2 or 3 years, when these slow beers are ready and we can fully embark on our blending schedule. Currently we have the ability to be ageing up to 14,500 litres of beer in a mixture of 225 litre oak barriques & 2500 litre oak foudres. The character of each barrel and beer will develop over time leading us on an exciting journey, where the beer guides us and we work with it, learning from it. 

Arise Session IPA, 330ml
Easy Answers IPA, 330ml
Saison Provision, 330ml

Rotating offering of 750ml sharing bottles

Stockholm Brewing Company, Stockholm, Sweden

Biercraft are very excited to have their first Scandinavian Brewery on the list. Stockhom Brewing Company have been getting a lot of hype since they first started brewing a couple of years ago. A couple of the founders are also involved in the wine trade and there is definitely a focus on elegance and restraint that some of the more obvious “hop bomb” beers distinctly lack. In fact the sour and saison beers tasted at the Copenhagen Beer Celebration this year were a welcome break from the 15% barrel aged, brett infected imperial monsters that most of the breweries were pouring! These are amazing beers and well worth the price.

Stockholm Lager 330ml
Saison d'Etre  330ml & 30l kegs
Elderflower Sour 330ml
Hallon Sour 330ml
Hoppy Saison 330ml

... and more rotating specials


Lost & Grounded, Bristol, England

Biercraft is delighted to be working with Alex Troncoso (ex Little Creatures and Camden) on his own brewery Lost and Grounded. An amazing Krones brewery set up with all the bells and whistles including “a traditional lactic acid propagation plant” enables them to make arguably the best lagers being produced in the UK right now. The Keller Pils is the more classic version and the Running with Sceptres introduces some new world hopping. Whilst No Rest for Dancers and Hop Hand Fallacy are Belgian influenced, very drinkable ales. 

Keller Pils, 330ml
Running with Sceptres, 330ml
Hop Hand Fallacy, 330ml
No Rest for Dancers, 330ml

...and more rotating specials

Gipsy Hill Brewing,Gipsy Hill, London, England

Gipsy Hill are three friends who are represented by the characters you can see above who decided to set up the brewery close to where they live in south-east London. They have always focused on making beers that aren't too strong in alcohol but are far from bland. All three beers are highly drinkable.

Beatnik Pale Ale, 330ml
Southpaw Amber Ale330ml & 30l kegs
Hepcat Session IPA, 330ml & 30l kegs

... and rotating specials


Weird Beard Brewery, Ealing, London, England

One of the most talked about and highly regarded West London breweries, Weird Beard have been on Biercraft’s radar for quite a while and we are delighted to now be working with them. Great consistency across the board and standout fresh hoppy beers are Weird Beard’s calling card. They also make some very interesting seasonal and one off beers including Black Christmas; a fruity cranberry stout. 

Mariana Trench Pale, 330ml
5 O’Clock Shadow, 330ml
Little Things That Kill, 330ml

Longflint Cocktails, Tottenham, London, England

 Using pure fruit juices, infused simple syrups and tinctures and top quality British independent spirits Longflint create drinks that surprise and delight.
They say the idea is as old as the hills. Since the 19th Century bar tenders have batched prepared their drinks to ensure consistency. We've adopted that approach whilst using only natural juices and our favourite selection of British Independent Spirits brands like QuiQuiRiQui Mezcal and Kew Organic Gin. 

Ginger and Rum Fuego, 250ml
Rhubarb Seltzer, 250ml
Rosehip & Gin Fizz, 250ml
Grapefruit Mezcal Paloma, 250ml

Howling Hops, Hackney Wick, London, England

Howling Hops may be familiar to those of you who have frequented the Cock Tavern in Hackney and the Southampton Arms in Kentish Town as the cult brewery under the floorboards that consistently turns out excellent brews. A few months ago they moved the brewery to a brand new site with an attached tank bar in Hackney Wick. Scaling up production means they can finally sell beyond the environs of their pubs and are able to have better control over quality and consistency. Biercraft is delighted to have four excellent beers from their range: a pilsner, a low abv hoppy ale, a classic American Pale Ale and a Rye Witbier.

Bohemian Pils, 330ml
Pale Ale, 330ml
Pale XX, 330ml
IPA, 330ml
East End Hefeweizen, 330ml


Mondo Brewing, Battersea, London, England

Mondo Brewing Company was set up by American expats Todd Matteson and Tom Palmer with the simple stated aim of: “making the best beer they can consistently, using the best equipment, the best practices and the best ingredients.” The brand spanking new brewery in Battersea must be the envy of many other London brewers as Mondo are able to control every aspect of the brewing process with amazing accuracy. They have a great core range of interesting beers particularly the two brown ales: James’s Brown Ale and the London Altbier, which are perfect for the Autumn.

Dennis Hopp'r IPA 330ml
All Caps Pilsner 330ml

Brixton Brewery, Brixton, London, England

Tucked away in a small railway arch in Brixton near the markets is where you will find Brixton Brewery. Jez and the team make full use of the limited space and have the world's tiniest office...seriously. Bottle conditioned with plenty of fresh hopping the Ales (Effra, Reliance and Atlantic) are as vibrant as the labels on the outside of the bottles. Whilst the Windrush is a fantastic stout with lots of toasted coffee notes; although at a more quaffable % abv than you might expect from a stout that name checks the Caribbean!

Reliance Pale Ale, 330ml
Low Volatge, 330ml
Atlantic American Pale Ale, 330ml
Effra Amber Ale, 330ml
Windrush Stout, 330ml

Yeastie Boys, Wellington, New Zealand

Yeastie Boys are Stu Mckinley and Sam Possenniskie who hail from arguably the world’s greatest craft beer city: Wellington, NZ. Stu recently made the move to the UK to help grow the Yeastie Boys beers over here and Biercraft who have a big NZ bias are delighted to be working with them. Shipping chilled beer directly from NZ is a very expensive process and often prices them out of the realms of reasonableness. As one of the original cuckoo craft brewers it makes total sense therefore that Stu has brought his recipes with him and is making the beers at
Brewdog in Aberdeenshire to get them to UK customers as fresh as possible. The two beers are fantastic: Pot Kettle Black is arguably Australisia’s best dark beer and Gunnamatta, an Early Grey IPA, is hugely distinctive and utterly delicious.

Pot Kettle Black (South Pacific Porter) 330ml
Gunnamatta (Earl Grey IPA) 330ml
Digital IPA 330ml
Bigmouth Session IPA, 330ml
Inari Biru, 330ml



Moncada Brewery, Ladbroke Grove, London, England

Founded four years ago by Julio Moncada, who is originally from Argentina. The brewery seeks to create outstanding traditionally crafted ales using only the finest raw ingredients sourced as locally as possible. Also the end products of the brewing process are recycled locally with the spent cereal going to the farmer at the Queens Park farmer's market, the hops being composted at a local wildlife garden and part of the beer yeast going to a local baker for use in puffing up breads. These are great examples of traditional British styles of beer being made by a new, dynamic local brewery.

Notting Hill Blonde, 330ml
Notting Hill Amber, 330ml
Notting Hill Stout,  330ml


Beavertown Brewery, Tottenham Hale, London, England

Beavertown was set up in December 2011 by Logan Plant in the kitchen of Duke’s Brew and Que BBQ restaurant in Hackney. In May 2014 they moved to their thirdbrewery (and final site) in Tottenham Hale. Beavertown are really pushing the agenda of what one can expect from a canned beer whilst always making sure quality and enjoyment are at the forefront of everything they do. Beavertown beers have taken their inspiration from the American craft beer movement and give the best US beer more than a run for its money.

Neck Oil, Session IPA, 330ml & 30l kegs
Gamma Ray, American Pale Ale, 330ml  & 30l kegs                                                    
Neck Oil Session IPA, 330ml
Smog Rocket, Smoked Porter, 330ml
Holy Cowbell India Stout, 330ml
Black Betty, Black IPA, 330ml

... and rotating specials


Camden Town Brewery, Camden, London, England

Biercraft is delighted to welcome the originators of London’s revival in independent brewing to the list. Not only do they have a state of the art Bavarian brewing kit but in Alex Tronsco (brewing and development director) they also have one of the industry’s leading lights. This enables Camden to setthe benchmark for lager brewing in the UK and beyond. Hells lager is pure, precise and extremely refreshing whilst new additions to the range: Pils and IHL show that Camden can bring fresh, new world hoppiness to the mix as well. Biercraft is especially pleased to be working with Jasper Cuppaidge again after getting to know him in his pre-Camden brewery days when Nick sold wine to him at the Horseshoe pub....small world!

Hells Lager, 330ml
Pale, 330ml
Gentleman’s Wit, 330ml
Pils, 330ml
Indian Hells Lager, 330ml


Orbit Brewery, Walworth, London, England

The most exciting recent addition to the London brewing fraternity is Orbit Brewery. Head brewer Mario learnt his trade at the Howling Hops brewery beneath London's best beer pub: the Cock Tavern in Hackney. He loves German beers and its great to see a Kolsch and Altbier added to the Biercraft list. The Ivo Pale Ale is also an incredibly elegant version of this style.

Neu Altbier, 330ml
Nico Kolsch, 330ml
Ivo Pale Ale, 330ml
Peel Blonde Ale, 330ml




Brasserie du Mont Blanc, Chamonix, Savoie, France

Originally founded in 1830, Sylvian Chiron revived the brewery in 1999 in order to restore Savoyard brewing tradition. The extremely pure glacial water for the beer comes from the Enchapleuze Spring which is at an altitude of over 2000m. The Blonde and Rousse beers have won a number of international awards over the years and the brewery is a great mix of tradition and modernity. Clean, crisp and delicious.

Mont Blanc Blonde, 330ml
Mont Blanc Blanche, 330ml


Five Points Brewery, Hackney, London, England

One of London's most dynamic breweries Five Points was set up by Ed Mason in a railway arch under Hackney Downs station. Ed is a man who knows a thing or two about running a great pub and this is reflected in the quality of their brews. Five points have really impressed with their core range of Pale Ale, Red Rye and London Porter and have recently added an amzing West Coast IPA to their range. All show wonderful concentration, balance and bright hop flavours. A decidedly modern British brewery. 

Pils, 330ml & 30l kegs
Pale, 330ml & 30l kegs
XPA, 330ml
Hook Island Red, 330ml
IPA, 330ml
Railway Porter, 330ml


Pressure Drop, Hackney, London, England

Another great addition to the London brewing scene. Pressure drop are three friends: Graham, Ben & Sam making an incredibly exciting range of beers in (surprise, surprise) a railway arch. Their focus on wheat beers and foraged ingredients is particularly interesting and as a former Stokey resident myself I have a particular soft spot for the Stokey Brown.

Wu Gang Chops the Tree, 330ml & 30l kegs
Pale Fire, 330ml
Bosko IPA, 330ml
Wallbanger, 330ml

...and rotating specials

Birra del Bogo, Bogorose, Italy

Biercraft is very lucky to feature one of Italy’s top craft breweries on its list. There is an elegance to the beers that Birra del Borgo produce that is noticeable. The Cortigana is a deliciously moreish Amber Ale, The Duchessa is a fantastic Saison brewed with Spelt rather than wheat and the ReAle ranks as one of the best IPAs I’ve tried. 

Cortigiana, 330ml
ReAle, 330ml


Partizan Brewery, Bermondsey, London, England 

Andy Smith learnt his trade at Redemption brewery in Tottenham and has also spent some time as a chef. He has now set up his own brewery with the help of Kernel’s old brewing kit and has been coming up with some fantastic beers. Thirst quenching and delicious Saisons and brilliantly balanced Pale Ales. Demand far outstrips supply so Biercraft is very lucky to get its hands on a few cases of it!

Lemon & Thyme Saison, 330ml
Pale Ale, 330ml
Porter, 330ml
Indian Pale Ale 330ml


Brew By Numbers, Bermondsey, London, England

Tom and Dave were testing recipes, gypsy brewing at Kernel until the beginning of 2014 when they were handed the keys to their own railway arch nearby. The set up is very interesting with a whirpool mash tun which gets much better hop extraction than just dunking fesh hops in the tank. Their delicious Saison is quite saline and very moreish and the Session IPA is exactly that; amazingly quaffable.

Saison, 330ml
Pale Ale, 330ml
Session IPA, 330ml
Witbier, 330ml

De Ranke, Wevelgem, Belgium

Biercraft is delighted to welcome cult Belgian brewery De Ranke on to the list. Founded in 1996 the brewery made its reputation with its XX bitter, one of Belgium's driest and highest IBU beers. Belgian hops are at the forefront of all their beers and the finesse, balance and elegance of all their output is truly inspiring. 

Saison de Dottingnies, 330ml
XX Bitter, 330ml
Guldenberg, 330ml
Noir de Dottingnies, 330ml
Hop Harvest 2016, 750ml


Signature Brew, Hackney, London, England

Finally ensconced in their own brewery in Leyton using the original 5 Points kit Tom and Sam are very happy with how things are progressing. Both come from a music industry background and were inspired to make their own beer after getting fed up with the bland generic stuff served at venues across the country. The unfiltered Vienna lager was a collaborative beer brewed for Biercraft which has no become part of their core range. An amber lager with traditional Saaz hops. This is a fantastic food lager.

Studio Lager 5.2% abv, 330ml
Roadie All Night IPA 4.3% abv, 330ml
Backstage IPA 5.6% abv, 330ml


Redchurch Brewery, Bethnal Green, London, England

Gary Ward, a former lawyer, took a major turn in career when he set up Redchurch Brewery a few years ago. One of the original London new wave breweries they make excellently crafted, hoppy beers with a real sense of provenance.

Paradise Pale Ale, 3.7% abc 330ml
Bethnal Pale Ale, 5.5% abv, 330ml
Hackney Gold,  5.5%, 330ml
Hoxton Stout, 5.5% abv 330ml
Urban Farmhouse Saison 3.1% abv 750ml

Wildcard Brewery, Walthamstow, London, England

Wildcard Brewery was founded on the back of a hobby that got way out of hand. Three friends from the midlands:William, Andrew and female head brewer Jaega (who previously worked as a Process Technician for General Electric's Water Division!) moved to their own brewery site in Walthamstow in January 2014 and haven't looked back since. They have achieved a reputation for no nonsense, uncomprimising beers with great presentation to boot.

Jack of Clubs (Ruby Ale) 4.5% abv 330ml
King of Hearts (Blonde Ale) 4.5% abv 330ml
Queen of Diamonds (Pale Ale) 5% abv 330ml
Ace of Spades (Porter) 4.7% abv 330ml


Fourpure, Bermondsey London, England

The newest kids on the Bermondsey brewing block. Fourpure have wisely invested in cold storage facilities which means they can properly store and lager their benchmark Pils;  one of only a few local examples that gets this style correct. They also make an incredibly delicious Oatmeal Stout. One’s to watch in 2015. 

Pils 4.7% abv, 330ml
Session IPA, 4.2% abv 330ml
Flatiron American Red, 4.7% abv 330ml
Beartooth Brown Ale 5.3% abv, 330ml
Oatmeal Stout, 5.1% abv 330ml

Hammerton Brewery, Islington, London, England

The Hammerton name has been synonymous with making beer in London since 1868. The name having languished in the back of a filing cabinet at Heineken UK for the last few decades has been bought back to life by Lee Hammerton (a descendent of the original Hammertons brewers). He and Sam, his head brewer,  are making distinctive beers from their Islington base. The US inspired steam lager is a great hop forward, clean refreshing style and the Oyster stout uses fresh Maldon oysters in the boil. Well worth trying both. 

Steam Lager, 4.7% abv 330ml
N7 Pale Ale, 5.2% abv 330ml
Baron H Earl Grey IPA 5.8% abv 330ml
Pentonville Oyster Stout, 5.3% abv 330ml

Savour Beer, Windsor, England

Sandy Kirkpatrick set up Savour after an epiphany on a beer fuelled holiday to Belgium. He fell in love with the styles of beer there and is now the producer of arguably the UK’s most authentic Belgian style beers. The Blonde, Dubbel and Saison are all created to a classic Belgian template. 

Saison, 5.0% abv, 330ml
Blonde 5.8% abv, 330ml
Dubbel, 7.0% abv, 330ml
Sparkling Beer 10.5% abv 750ml

Citrus Crush, 275mlSquare Root Sodas, Hackney Downs, London, England

Square Root Sodas are the winners of this years Radio 4 Food and Farming awards for best drinks producer; quite an accolade. They are former Howling Hops head brewer Ed and his partner Robyn who moved to a permanent site in railway arch in Hackney just across the road from Five Points last year. They produce small batch seasonal fruit sodas as well as amazing tonic waters. No additives or preservatives and juiced by hand, this is all about the best fresh ingredients making the most delicious refreshing drinks possible.

Ginger Beer, 275ml
Root Beer, 275ml
Citrus Crush, 275ml
Cucumber, 275ml
Lemonade, 275ml
Rhubarb, 275ml
Cinchona or Artemisia Tonic, 200ml

Hiver Beer, Sussex and London, England

The brainchild of Hannah Rhodes who wanted to develop a beer using honey from native English bees as a defining characteristic. This subtle, elegant and floral ale is deliciously British but also very modern in profile. Hiver now also have their own hives just south of the river in London.

Honey Beer, 4.7% abv 330ml
Honey Ale, 5.2% abv 330ml

Harviestoun Brewery, Clackmannshire, Scotland

Founded in 1983, the Harviestoun brewery has been ahead of the curve in terms of craft brewing in the British Isles. The Schiehallion lager won the world's best pilsner at the WBA awards a few years ago and both the the Bitter and Twisted and Old Engine Oil are extremely well balanced with a more understated use of hops than some of the newer breweries. 

Schiehallion (Pilsner lager), 4.8% abv, 330ml
Bitter & Twisted, 4.2% abv, 330ml
Old Engine Oil, 6% abc 330ml

Gosnell's Mead, Peckham, London, England

Tom Gosnell, inspired by the modern,fresh styles of mead he experienced on his travels in the US was surprised to find no one was making a similar beverage in the nation that is most associated with the drink, so he decided to do it himself. Using a lager yeast to ferment the sweet honey liquid results in a lighter and drier style of drink. A great addition to the Biercraft portfolio. 

Mead, 5.5% abv 330ml

Barcelona Beer Company, Barcelona, Spain

At the forefront of the explosion in craft brewing in Spain is the Barcelona Beer Company. Using mineral water from the nearby Montseney mountains they produce two very fresh beers. The Beercelona is a new world hopped lager/ pale hybrid whilst the Cerdo Voladores (Pigs might Fly) is a very decent IPA. Both these beers are extremely new to the UK and well worth trying. 

La Bella Lola, 4% abv 330ml
Beercelona, 5% abv 330ml
Cerdos Valedores, 6% abv 330ml
La Nina Barbuda, 7% abv 330ml


Bullbeggar Cider, Lamyatt, Somerset, England

Nick Smallwood, the man who helped make Kensington Place the London restaurant of its era, makes this fantastic traditional cider with apples from the small village of Lamyatt in Somerset. All profits go back into the village. The wonderfully named varietals: Red streak, Yarlington Mill, Brown Snout, Kingston Black, Dabinett and Michelen all go into the blend. 

Medium Cider, 6% abv, 330ml

Hallets Cider, Crumlin, Wales

Blaengawney farm is renowned for its altitude and cold weather, the perfect combination for producing fantastic apples. A lot of care and attention is applied to picking the best fruit each year and blending for the best flavour. Hallets are a small, independent cider maker and their output is purposefully low which makes their cider hard to find. Biercraft is delighted to be working with them.

Real Cider, 6% abv 330ml


Sidra Natural, Isastegi, Basque Country, Spain

Isastegi are a traditional Basque cider house with fermentaiont occuring in old wooden foudres. The style is very clean and green with lots of acidity...a great apertif cider. The logo shows the cider being poured a la Txacoli wine from distance to get spritz in the glass. A great addition to the Biercraft portfolio.

Cider 6% abv, 330ml


Locher Brewery, Appenzell, Switzerland

Set at the foot of the Swiss Alps the brewery has been run by the Locher family since 1886. The brewery are very environmentally conscious and off-set their carbon emissions in collaboration with Pristine Alpine water, organic hops and barley grown nearby at the highest altitude in Europe make this the antithesis of a big brand generic lager.

1936 Biere, 4.7% abv, 330ml